Embassy Appointment Processes

DO NOT transact with any third party or agent in securing an appointment.

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Passport Appointment System

For Passport questions or concerns, please email passport@phembassy-us.org or call the Passport Section at 202-467-9325.

Please ensure that you have fully read the information below on how to correctly set an appointment using the online system.

You can also scan the QR Code below.

QR Code for the Global Online Appointment System

Dual Citizenship and Legalization Appointment System

Dual citizenship and Legalization applicants are encouraged to send an email to the respective sections to schedule an appointment for either a dual citizenship application or legalization of documents at the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC. 

  1. For Dual citizenship appointments and concerns, please email  dualcitizenship@phembassy-us.org and use Subject: DUAL CITIZENSHIP APPOINTMENT + (YOUR NAME).
  2. For legalization of documents appointments and concerns, please email  legalization@phembassy-us.org and use Subject: LEGALIZATION APPOINTMENT + (YOUR NAME).

Note: Sending an email to the above email addresses does not guarantee a schedule. The Embassy shall confirm either by email or phone whether there is an available slot on your requested date and that your appointment has been secured or if an alternate schedule needs to be arranged and agreed upon. 

Consular Outreach Program Appointments

For the Consular Outreach Mission Appointments, clients are advised to wait for the appointment system for a specific outreach schedule to open.

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