The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. reminds the public that the Balikbayan (Returning Filipinos) Program has been reinstated since 01 May 2021.


Under this program, US passport holders who are also Filipino citizens (via dual citizenship), and US passport holders who were formerly Filipino citizens can travel to the Philippines without a visa. The Balikbayan program may also be availed by their spouse and/or children provided that they are traveling together with the Filipino/former Filipino spouse (or parent).


The following documents need to be presented/readied on hand during travel:

  • Filipino citizens using their US passport need to present their Dual Citizenship Identification Certificate and/or valid Philippine passport.
  • Former Filipino citizens need to present a copy of their Philippine Birth Certificate or a copy of an old Philippine Passport.
  • Foreign spouse traveling with the balikbayan must present a copy of their marriage certificate as proof of affiliation.
  • Children (regardless of age) traveling with the balikbayan must present a copy of their birth certificates as proof of affiliation.
  • Passports must be valid for a period of at least six (6) months at the time of your arrival in the Philippines.


COVID-19 Travel Conditions still apply. Please visit our website for the COVID-19 Travel Conditions and other related information.