Travel Document

A travel document is a certification or identifying document containing the description and other personal circumstances of the bearer, which is issued in lieu of a passport and valid for one-way, direct travel to the Philippines. A travel document is issued to a Filipino citizen being sent back to the Philippines or who needs to urgently travel home but is unable to fully comply with the requirements for the issuance of a regular passport, at the time of emergency. Proof of urgency/emergency is needed.


Embassyreqs Dual 50

Duly accomplished Travel Document application form. Form must be notarized if applying by mail.

Embassyreqs Dual 51

Any document stating proof of urgency

Embassyreqs Dual 54

Four (4) 2″ x 2″ colored photos taken within 6 months, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background (sleeveless attire not accepted)

Embassyreqs Traveldoc 68

Original and/or photocopy of expired/lost passport.

If expired/lost passport is not available, Notarized affidavit of Loss & Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate

Embassyreqs Dual 44

Original or notarized copy of proof that the applicant is still a Filipino and two (2) photocopies. Such proof may be, but not limited to, a green card, visa, notice of action, work permit, or dual IC.
(Note: absence of any such aforementioned documents will not automatically result in denial of a passport application and an applicant possessing other evidence that proves that he/she has retained Filipino citizenship may still proceed with his/her application subject to the assessment of the Consular Officer.)

Embassyreqs Dual 45

Self-Addressed USPS Priority/Priority Express Return Envelope ((with $9.85 Stamp and Tracking Number)or other pre-paid mailing envelope from courier of choice (except FedEx), if travel document is to be mailed back.

Embassyreqs Dual 46

Processing fee $30.00 payable in cash, digital payments, or money order made payable to “Embassy of the Philippines.” (Digital payments are credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, with 4% convenience fee applied. Personal checks still not accepted).

Please note that the validity of travel document is only one (1) month and it is being issued due to emergency reason(s). Hence, its immediate usage is necessary.


The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional documents from an applicant, to prove his/ her identity and/or citizenship, and ensure accurate and complete personal data entries, pursuant to the Philippine Passport Law (R.A. 8239) and the Foreign Service Act (R.A. 7157).

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