Dual Citizenship

Republic Act 9225 otherwise known as the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 (more popularly known as the Dual Citizenship Law) enables former natural-born Filipinos who have become naturalized citizens of another country to retain/reacquire their Philippine citizenship by taking an oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines before a Philippine Consular Officer. Upon retaining/reacquiring their Philippine citizenship, they shall enjoy full civil, economic and political rights as Filipinos.

Natural-born Filipino citizens are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship. 

If they are born on and after 17 January 1973, their father or mother should be a Filipino citizen at the time of their birth. 

If born before 17 January 1973, their father should be a Filipino citizen. If the father is not a Filipino citizen, the mother should be a Filipino citizen and the applicant should have elected Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority (18 years old).

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Embassyreqs Passsport 01

Personal Appearance + Appointment

Embassyreqs Dual 49

Original and one (1) photocopy of the Birth Certificate issued by the PSA or the Local Civil Registry of the city or municipality where you were born. 

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Embassyreqs Dual 43

Original and one (1) photocopy of PH and Foreign Passports’ data pages

Embassyreqs Dual 52

Original and one (1) photocopy of Marriage Certificate(s) or Decree of Divorce if divorced or Death Certificate(s) of spouse(s), including previous marriages.

Embassyreqs Dual 56

Original and one (1) photocopy of Naturalization Certificate issued by the foreign government.

Embassyreqs Dual 54

Four (4) colored 2″ x 2″ photos taken within six months with white background

Embassyreqs Dual 46

$50.00 Processing fee payable in cash, digital payments, or money order made payable to “Embassy of the Philippines.” (Digital payments are credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, with 4% convenience fee applied. Personal checks still not accepted).

Embassyreqs Dual 41

For derivative citizenship of Minors / Children:

  • 3 colored 2″ x 2″ photos
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship
  • PH and/or Foreign Passport
  • See notes below regarding principles of derivative citizenship
  • Processing fee (USD $25.00) for each minor derivative

NOTE: The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional documents from an applicant, to prove his/ her identity and/or citizenship, and ensure accurate and complete personal data entries, pursuant to the Philippine Passport Law (R.A. 8239) and the Foreign Service Act (R.A. 7157).

NOTE: Under the principle of derivative citizenship, unmarried children below eighteen (18) years of age, whether legitimate, illegitimate, or adopted, of former Filipino parents who retained/reacquired their Philippine citizenship under this law, may also be deemed Filipino citizens, if they are included in the parent’s application for retention/reacquisition of Philippine citizenship and the requisite fees paid.

Please note that a person who is born outside the Philippines on or after 17 January 1973 when either parent was still a Filipino citizen is considered a dual Filipino citizen from birth. There is no need to include the child as a derivative citizenship application.  Such children should only have their births reported to the Philippine Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over the place of birth to be recognized as Filipino citizens. See Report of Birth for details.

For applicants whose documents are in order and wish to apply for their Philippine passport on the same day, please be advised of the schedule of fees, AND REQUIREMENTS for related consular services that will be required as applicable:

  1. Passport$60.00

  2. Report of Marriage — $25.00 

  3. Report of Birth — $25.00 

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