The Philippine Embassy team together with the speakers, lawyers from the International Pro-Bono Alliance (iBPA). (Clockwise) Vice Consul Fides Quintos, iBPA President Purificacion Bartolome-Bernabe, Consul General Iric Arribas, Atty. Eduardo Ganaan, Atty. Roger Pineda.



18 December 2023

Embassy Press and Information Section



In partnership with the International Pro-Bono Alliance (iBPA), the Embassy conducted a webinar on adoption, annulment, and divorce on December 13, 2023. This event marked the third installment in a comprehensive four-part series designed to enhance the understanding of pertinent Philippine laws addressing the common concerns Filipinos living abroad face.

Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez inaugurated the session by acknowledging the intricate nature of navigating the legalities surrounding intercountry adoption, annulment, and divorce cases. He underscored the heightened challenges posed by the divergent rules governing these matters in the Philippines and the United States, illuminating this complex legal landscape and the primary focus of the webinar.

Attorney Roger Pineda presented on the nuances of administrative adoption, distinctions between the annulment of marriages and the petition for the declaration of nullity, and the specific elements, requirements, and procedures associated with each. This insightful discussion aimed to provide clarity on these legal processes.

Complementing Pineda’s presentation, Attorney Eduardo Gaanan provided a comprehensive explanation of the nationality principle, the foundational aspects for recognizing foreign divorces, and the administrative processes for canceling or correcting entries in the civil registry.

Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas brought the webinar to a thoughtful conclusion by expressing gratitude to the speakers for generously sharing their expertise. He encouraged participants to stay informed about future activities by monitoring the Embassy’s website (www.philippineembassy-dc.org) and social media accounts. This collaborative effort between the Philippine Embassy and iBPA continues to serve as a beacon for fostering awareness and understanding of legal matters crucial to the Filipino diaspora. ***