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TimestampEmail AddressName of OrganizationOfficial WebsiteFacebook LinkTwitter LinkInstagram LinkOfficial Email AddressOfficial Mailing AddressCurrent Head of OrganizationCurrent Head of Organization's direct contact detailsMain Point of Contact in the OrganizationMain Point of Contact's direct contact detailsDoes your organization have a formal membership structure?Are you a Chapter Organization?If you are a Chapter Organization, please indicate the name of your National or Umbrella OrganizationTick the areas under your primary coverage/scope of operations:Tick the areas under primary your coverage/scope of operations:If your coverage/scope of operations are not found or different from those listed above, please list them here insteadAside from the list of coverage/scope of operations above, do you also have regular operations in the Philippines?Are you currently registered as a non-profit organization with your host government?What type of organization are you?PLEASE SELECT THE INFORMATION THAT YOU WANT KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. THE EMBASSY WILL NOT SHARE ANY OF THE INFORMATION YOU SELECT BELOW.Submitted By:What is your official position/rank in the organization?I am authorized to register my organization with the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC.Do you want to continue receiving the Embassy's newsletter?Are you registering or updating your information?
8/17/21 21:59edward.logan@gmail.comI understand the above statementFilipino American Cancer Carewww.filamcancercare.orgFilipino American Cancer Care FBFilAmCancerCarefilamcancercare@gmail.comPO Box 150153 - 5900 Barclay Drive Alexandria VA 22315Josie M Ziman571-352-0165Josie Ziman or Edward Loganfilamcancercare@gmail.comYesYesNoAll of the AboveAll of the AboveN/AYesCharitable / HumanitarianONLY SHARE the name of my organization/chapterEdward LoganYesYes, keep me in your email list
8/19/21 00:43cmanilayrobles@yahoo.comI understand the above statementPhilippine Nurses Association of Metropolitan DCwww.pnamdc.org@pnamdcN/A@pnametrodcc.robles@pnamdc.org1219 Granada St.Accokeek, MD 20607Carol Manilay-Robles - President(240)481-1048N/Acmanilayrobles@yahoo.comYesYesPhilippine Nurses Association of AmericaDistrict of Columbia, Maryland, VirginiaNone of the AboveN/AYesCharitable / Humanitarian, Profession relatedCarolina Manilay-RoblesYesYes, keep me in your email list
8/23/21 10:22ryan.namata@naffaa.orgI have read, understand, and agree to the above statement.NaFFAA Capitalnaffaacapital.comhttps://www.facebook.com/NAFFAACapital`https://www.instagram.com/naffaa.capital/ryan.namata@naffaa.orgDCRyan Namata202-630-6946Ryan Namataryan.namata@naffaa.orgYesYesNational Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West VirginiaNone of the AboveNot regularly (e.g. we may operate under certain circumstances such as Yolanda fundraiser)YesAdvocacy/Special Interest (i.e. election monitoring groups, people with disability groups, etc), Charitable / Humanitarian, Culture and Arts, Education/Information, Social and Recreational (i.e. Alumni Associations, Filipino Sports Association in DC, etc)Ryan NamataRegion Chair - Capital RegionYesYes, keep me in your email list
8/23/21 14:47omlligroup@gmail.comI have read, understand, and agree to the above statement.Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Metro Washington DChttps://www.pacc-dc.org/https://www.facebook.com/paccdchttps://www.instagram.com/paccdc/philippineamericanchamberdc@gmail.com1629 K Street NW #300, Washington, D.C. 20006Michael San Juanmjuan@medspack.comOlma Inocentesomlligroup@gmail.comYesNoDistrict of Columbia, Maryland, VirginiaNone of the AboveNot regularly (e.g. we may operate under certain circumstances such as Yolanda fundraiser)YesChamber organization for business people and professionalsOlma InocentesPublic Relations Officer/Board MemberYesYes, keep me in your email list