The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. reminds the public to be vigilant against scam artists and fraudsters, and social media trolls and impersonators claiming to be officially sanctioned or falsely representing the Philippine Embassy, Consulates General, the Ambassador, and/or the Consuls General.
These fraudulent activities and statements usually use misleading and false account names, and/or email addresses.
The Embassy and the Ambassador only uses the following Embassy’s official and verified emails, Facebook, X, and Instagram accounts:
X: /PhilippinesUSA
IG: @PhilippinesUSA
You may also visit our website to learn more about our official contact details.
Please contact the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General to report any suspicious accounts or fraudulent activities impersonating Filipino officials/institutions. Furthermore, please report the account immediately with the social media platform to have it banned and removed from the platform.