Second Secretary and Consul Barbie Rosales briefs applicants for dual citizenship on various consular services provided by the Embassy.

10 April 2024
Embassy Press and Information Section

WASHINGTON D.C. – Collaborating with the Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc. (PCFI), the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. undertook a comprehensive four-day consular outreach mission in Tampa, Florida, greatly benefiting numerous attendees and strengthening bonds within the Filipino community in Florida.

This outreach in Tampa marks the Embassy’s second consular mission of the year, reflecting its dedication to serving Filipinos both at home and abroad.

Throughout the four-day period, the Embassy’s devoted team, led by Second Secretary and Consul Barbie Rosales, diligently provided essential consular services. This included the renewal of 527 passports, notarization of 23 documents, processing of 150 applications for reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship, and the registration of 158 overseas voters.

Beyond offering consular assistance, the Embassy actively engaged with the Filipino community, actively participating in the activities of PhilFest 2024. Consul Rosales commended the organizers for the success of PhilFest and emphasized the significance of cultural events in celebrating the vibrant Filipino heritage and supporting Filipino businesses. She also underscored to festival attendees the importance of contributing to the realization of a Bagong Pilipinas.

“Events like PhilFest showcase the richness of our culture, especially during Filipino Food Month. It’s heartening to see the diverse representation from all regions, each presenting their unique cuisine,” noted Consul Rosales. “PhilFest also serves as an excellent opportunity to share the warmth of our culture with others. The Embassy takes immense pride in our 4 million-strong Filipino community in the United States, and we’re eager to collaborate in achieving a Bagong Pilipinas, promoting peace and prosperity for all.”

As PhilFest 2024 drew to a close, Consul Rosales participated in an informative Q&A session, educating attendees about the wide array of consular services available at the Philippine Embassy.

The Embassy expresses its gratitude to PCFI for providing a platform for community engagement. The success of this outreach mission underscores the importance of collaboration and demonstrates the Embassy’s steadfast commitment to serving citizens and nurturing connections within the Filipino community.

For more information on consular services and upcoming outreach initiatives, please visit the Embassy’s official website #

10 April 2024

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The Embassy registered 158 overseas absentee voters during the four-day consular outreach mission held at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center in Tampa, Florida.

10 April 2024

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During the four-day consular outreach mission in Tampa, the Embassy renewed 527 passports, ensuring the continued validity of travel documents for its citizens.

10 April 2024

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Second Secretary and Consul Barbie Rosales administers the oath of dual citizenship applicants. There were 150 individuals who reacquired/retained their Filipino citizenship on 08 April 2024.

10 April 2024

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Second Secretary and Consul Barbie Rosales (left) addresses the crowd at the PhilFest 2024 in Tampa, Florida, on 07 April 2024. Consul Rosales informed the public about various programs and services, such as the Balikbayan program, apostille certification, and overseas voting registration.