Filipinos in BVI participating in the Basic Fire Suppression Training at the BVI Fire and Rescue Services.

17 June 2024
Embassy Press and Information Section

WASHINGTON D.C. – Following its call to action for Filipino community leaders across the Caribbean to promote disaster preparedness, the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. congratulates the Filipino Association of the British Virgin Islands (TFABVI) for their successful participation in the Basic Fire Suppression Training at the BVI Fire and Rescue Services on May 25 and June 15, 2024.

This training is conceivably the first of a series of essential capacity-building trainings that volunteers of the TFABVI Disaster Management Organization will undertake to enhance their emergency response skills and readiness. The Basic Fire Suppression Training, conducted by BVI Fire and Rescue Services, covered essential skills and knowledge in fire prevention, control, and safety measures. The comprehensive training included hands-on experience with fire suppression equipment, strategies for managing different types of fires, and critical safety protocols

Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas commended the dedication and proactive efforts of TFABVI, “We are immensely proud of our fellow Filipinos in the British Virgin Islands for their commitment to community safety and disaster preparedness. Their participation in these trainings not only strengthens their capability but also exemplifies the spirit of bayanihan, bringing communities together to support one another in times of need.” 

The Philippine Embassy encourages all community members to support and engage in such initiatives that foster safety and preparedness. The Embassy remains committed to supporting TFABVI and other community organizations, especially those situated in the Caribbean, in their efforts to promote disaster preparedness, resilience, and well-being. 

TFABVI is a community organization dedicated to promoting Filipino culture and supporting the welfare of Filipinos in the British Virgin Islands. The association engages in various community service, cultural, and educational activities to strengthen ties within the community and with other local organizations.

The Embassy wishes to reiterate that the Filipino community is encouraged to be always prepared for natural disasters.  Stay informed, coordinate with your local community leaders or officials, and sign up for local alerts from the disaster management agency in your area. END

17 June 2024

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Filipinos in BVI undergoing classroom and practical training in fire prevention.