Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas (middle) with the officers and members of Mabuhay Foundation

26 April 2024
Embassy Press and Information Section

WASHINGTON D.C. – The officers and members of Mabuhay Foundation, a community organization serving Filipino seniors in Montgomery County in Maryland, were warmly received by Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas during their visit to the Philippine Embassy on 18 April 2024. The embassy extended a gracious welcome to the delegation, emphasizing the importance of strengthening ties between the Filipino community and the embassy. 

During their visit, the Mabuhay Foundation members were introduced to the wide array of services offered by the embassy, including assistance with dual citizenship application, civil registration, and overseas voters registration. The informative session highlighted the embassy’s commitment to supporting the Filipino diaspora in the United States.

In addition to learning about the embassy’s services, the visitors eagerly connected with the digital platforms of the Embassy, becoming followers of its Facebook account and subscribers to its newsletter. This engagement fosters communication and collaboration  between the Mabuhay Foundation and the embassy.

The Philippine Embassy and Mabuhay Foundation look forward to continued collaboration and mutual support, working together to empower and uplift the Filipino community in the United States including the senior citizens. 

About the Mabuhay Foundation

Founded on September 12, 2023, at the Holiday Park Community Center, the Mabuhay Foundation has rapidly grown from a small group to over 50 members in just six months. Originally known as the Mabuhay Senior Group, the organization has evolved to meet the changing needs of its members, offering a diverse range of activities aimed at promoting health, well-being, and social connection. 

Under the leadership of its founder, Rita Manalo Hammond, Board Members KC Ramirez and Red Bautista, and Officers Teresita Umatan and Christie Amoroso, the Mabuhay Foundation is dedicated to providing seniors with opportunities to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. From Zumba Gold classes for physical fitness to engaging games for cognitive stimulation, the foundation’s activities promote fun, freedom, and fulfillment for its members.

As the foundation expands to welcome members from diverse ethnic backgrounds, it has transitioned into a comprehensive foundation offering additional benefits such as elderly daycare and long-term care services. This evolution underscores the foundation’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its members and serving as a pillar of support within the community.

Mabuhay Foundation is currently being registered as a tax-exempt non-government organization. END

26 April 2024

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Mabuhay seniors viewing the Gallery of Philippine Ambassadors to the USA at the historical Philippine Embassy Annex Building where the Consular Section is located.

26 April 2024

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Embassy personnel assisting the visitors to subscribe to the Embassy newsletter and social media platforms.