Ambassador Romualdez leading the induction of new officers of the Filipino American Cancer Care (FACC)

18 June 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez welcomed the Filipino American Cancer Care’s (FACC) new officers as the Ambassador led their oath taking ceremony at the Philippine Embassy’s Chancery Annex Building. Ambassador Romualdez and retired American Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr. were invited to give remarks during the event.

“With FACC’s primary goal which is to C.A.R.E., FACC is the platform that fills the previously large gap of community support for our cancer-afflicted loved ones. Through the organization’s CARE pillars, FACC will be able to promote healthy lifestyles, support policy changes, and provide safe spaces for continued research and learning, while being advocates of involvement to its members and the Filipino-American community as a whole.” Ambassador Romualdez said in his keynote remarks.

He further stated that “The Philippine Embassy looks forward to what FACC can achieve in the years to come… I applaud you for your upcoming 2021 FACC Hope For A Cancer Summer Event that aims to help underprivileged cancer patients in the Philippines. These are just small reminders that we can all be a small part of someone else’s story through simple yet meaningful facts of participation, and give back to our fellow Filipinos both here and back home in the Philippines.”

Ambassador Thomas congratulated and encouraged the officers to “work together and end this (cancer’s) horror” as he shared a personal anecdote of a young girl with cancer. He further challenged the organization to find underprivileged youths in their community and support them by making education more accessible wherever it may be. 

FACC President and Founder Josie Ziman leads the FACC in its mission to help cancer patients, and is supported by FACC Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Edward Logan.


IMG 4663
FACC President and Founder Josie Ziman giving her remarks
IMG 4664
Ambassador Romualdez giving his remarks during the event for FACC
IMG 4665
Retired American Ambassador Harry K. Thomas giving his remarks